Vision Wildlife Protector
The Howard Industries Vision™ Wildlife Protector is a proven design known to reliably prevent outages caused by wildlife contact with exposed high-voltage bushings and lightening arresters. The protector is intended for factory or field installation on porcelain high-voltage bushings typically used on overhead distribution transformers. It can also be installed on many types of porcelain and polymer-housed direct-connected lightening arresters.
The Vision Wildlife Protector’s new innovative see-through design allows those in the field to visually inspect connections, identify potential pest, as well as safely scan the connections with infrared measuring equipment. Another benefit of the Vision’s design is the self-cleaning nature, which allows normal rainfall to clean the connections and bushings being protected.
The Vision Wildlife Protector is made from UV-enhanced high-density polyethylene polymer that provides good mechanical strength and electrical properties combined with excellent weathering characteristics.
The protector’s two-piece design makes installation easy. Positive latches on both sides of the protector clamp it securely in place, yet provide a means for removal when necessary. The large size of the Vision Wildlife Protector permits installation on a wide range of bushings and lightning arrester types. A ring of flexible fingers lining the protector’s bottom opening provides for a snug fit on the bushings or arrester, preventing wildlife entry. Line lead and arrester lead provisions are also shielded by flexible fingers that block wildlife entry.