Medium Power Substation Transformers
Transformers Howard Industries medium power substation transformers are designed and built to provide outstanding performance and reliability in the most demanding utility and industrial applications. Our current product scope includes ONAN/ONAF ratings up to 60/112 MVA with primary voltage ratings through 230 kV. An extensive range of features and accessories are available, including GSU units, Autotransformers, Dual voltage units, on-load tap changers, forced-air cooling systems, different types of fluid preservations systems, and other options to satisfy the special requirements of virtually any application. Our experienced design engineers employ the latest available computer-based design tools, including 3D CAD-parametric modeling, and finite element analysis, to ensure that our transformers perform as intended. Our new manufacturing facility was designed and built specifically for the efficient production of medium power transformers and is equipped with the latest available technologies including the vapor phase drying process, and test station capable to perform all tests per current IEEE standards.
Manual de-energized tap changer with padlocking provisions
cover mount bushings
control box
Transformer lifting lugs
Dial-type fluid level gauge
Dial-type fluid temperature gauge with resettable min/max drag hand
Dial-type pressure/vacuum gauge
Dial-type winding temperature gauge for forced-cooled transformers
Automatic pressure relief device
Laser-engraved diagrammatic nameplate
Tank grounding pads
Base construction suitable for skidding in all directions
Jacking provisions
Fluid fill valve
Fluid drain valve
Sealed-tank fluid preservation system
Mineral oil dielectric fluid
High efficiency design with optimum combination of price and operating cost
Cylindrical coil construction
Mitered cruciform core construction
Vapor-phase active part drying process
Transformers meet or exceed the requirements of all applicable ANSI, IEEE, and NEMA standards