Field Services
Howard Industries Substation Division has operated an installation/commissioning crew since 2005. The duties of this crew include the full installation, oil processing, testing and repair of Medium Power Substations from 60MVA and below and 230kV and below. Howard Industries owns and operates a processor capable of full vacuum dehydration with hot oil impregnation. The installation crew are all commercially licensed drivers who operate our own group of commercial trucks.

The Howard Installation crew performs all testing required by IEEE C57.152 IEEE Guide For Diagnostic Field Testing of Fluid-Filled Power Transformers and IEEE Std. 62, as applicable. We also test to latest Doble recommendations with the capability of testing all power factor and associated tests with a Doble M4100 test set, SFRA with the Doble M5400 tester, leakage reactance with the M4110 module. We also utilize a Vanguard EZCT-2000 CT tester which is capable of resistance, ratio, polarity and saturation curves. We have equipment to do all TTR, winding resistance and DC insulation resistance tests. We also routinely perform functional tests including an LTC where applicable. We are capable of performing all oil tests per IEEE C57.106 and IEEE C57.104 (DGA).