Switch-Pad™ Pad-Mounted Switching and Fusing Cabinet

Howard Power Solutions' Switch-Pad™ is an oil filled, pad-mounted device intended for fusing, sectionalizing and tapping applications on medium voltage underground electrical distribution systems. Switch-Pad™ can be provided in a number of different configurations including one-, two-, or three-pole designs and is available with numerous switching and fusing options. Housed in the same oil-filled enclosure used for single-phase pad-mounted transformers, Switch-Pad™ will blend in well with other pad-mounted equipment in any underground residential or commercial system.

Howard Industries manufactures a complete line of transformers, all designed with increased margins of safety and reliability. Contact your distributor or factory representative for availability of other kVA sizes, voltage ratings, features, accessories and design standards not listed.

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Suitable for voltages from 4160Y/2400 through 34500Y/19920 (150 kV BIL) at 200 Amps continuous
Automatic pressure relief device
Electrostatically applied powder paint finish with polyurethane top coat for excellent resistance to chipping, fading, abrasion, and corrosion
Domed top surfaces on hood and oil compartment to prevent water retention
Corrosion resistant locking assembly with captive pentahead security bolt and padlock provision
Decal or stenciled bushing, fuse, and switch designations
Laser engraved anodized aluminum nameplate
Meets all applicable IEEE and NEMA standards
200 Amp externally clamped bushing wells
Accessory mounting bracket(s)
Mild steel enclosure with removable flip-up hood and detachable sill
Stainless steel hardware including hinge pins/barrels, bushing mounting studs, and sill attachment fasteners
Recessed stainless steel lifting provisions
Oil fill/oil level plug
Oil drain plug
Tank ground provisions
• Internally mounted expulsion fuses with series connected backup current limiting fuses
• Draw-out full-range current limiting fuses in dry well canisters
Fault indicators or provisions only
Drip shields for use with draw-out expulsion fuses
Tank ground connectors
Additional accessory mounting brackets
Hexhead security bolt
Laser engraved stainless steel nameplate
Custom stencilling and labeling
NEMA safety label
• Draw-out expulsion fuses
• Draw-out expulsion fuses with series connected backup current limited fuses