Three-Phase Pad-Mount Dead Front Compartment Style

Howard Industries liquid-filled three-phase pad-mounted transformers are an excellent choice for any commercial or industrial underground distribution system. Typical applications include manufacturing facilities, refineries, office buildings, schools, hospitals, restaurants, warehouses, and retail stores. All Howard Industries transformers are designed, built, and tested in an ISO-9001 certified facility in accordance with applicable industry standards. All designs feature fully enclosed tamper resistant terminal compartments and can be supplied with dead-front or live-front construction, for loop or radial feed applications

Howard Industries manufactures a complete line of transformers, all designed with increased margins of safety and reliability. Contact your distributor or factory representative for availability of other kVA sizes, voltage ratings, features, accessories and design standards not listed.

Talk to us about filling a custom order that best fits your needs.


KVA Ratings (65° Rise, ONAN) 45, 75, 112.5, 150, 225, 300, 500, 750, 1000, 1500, 2000, 2500, 3000, 3750, 5000, 7000, 7500, 10000
High-Voltage Ratings (Delta or Wye) 2400 through 34500 (through 150 kV BIL)
Low-Voltage Ratings (Delta or Wye) 120 through 8600 or 14400Y (through 95 kV BIL)
Meets or exceeds current IEEE, NEMA, RUS, and DOE standards as applicable
Full compliance with ANSI C57.12.28 enclosure integrity standards
Externally clamped universal high-voltage bushing wells (three for radial feed operation or six for loop feed operation)
Externally clamped low-voltage bushings with threaded stud for full-load current through 1400 Amps, or externally clamped one-piece NEMA spade bushings for full-load current above 1400 Amps
Front panel accessory mounting brackets
Removable neutral ground strap in low-voltage compartment (for wye connected low-voltage ratings only)
Removable high-voltage/low-voltage neutral link, internally mounted and accessible through tamper-resistant hand hole (Wye-Wye units only)
Lifting provisions
Jacking/rolling provisions
Removable terminal compartment and bottom sill and removable doors with stainless steel hinges
Bolted hand hole on oil compartment top with tamper-resistant security cover
Three-point door latching system with recessed interlocking pentahead security bolt and padlock provision
Tank ground provisions
Mild steel tank and terminal compartment construction
Mild steel high-voltage/low-voltage compartment barrier
Loadbreak high-voltage bushing inserts or externally clamped integral (one piece) high voltage bushings
Low-voltage connectors, including various screw-on or slip-on types
Externally operable nonloadbreak high-voltage tap switch with one of the following tap ranges:
• Four 2.5% taps above normal
• Four 2.5% taps below normal
• Two 2.5% taps above
• Two 2.5% taps below normal
• Taps at 13800/13200/12870/ 12540 for transformers with a nominal high voltage rating of 14400 (may not be available in combination with dual high-voltage switch)
Externally operable dual high-voltage switch (may not be available in combination with highvoltage tap switch)
Fault indicators or fault indicator mounting provisions only
Internal expulsion fuses, alone or in combination with internal backup current limiting fuses
Draw-out expulsion fuses with isolation links, alone or in combination with internal backup current limiting fuses
Draw-out full-range current limiting fuses in dry-well canisters with or without interlocking loadbreak switch
Internal full-range current limiting fuses
MOV surge arresters, including under-oil or elbow
Drip shields for use with draw-out expulsion fuses
Externally operable two-position or four-position high-voltage loadbreak switch
Internal low-voltage circuit breaker with external operating handle, or external molded case low-voltage circuit breakers
High capacity pressure relief device mounted on tank cover
Drain valve with sampling device
Amorphous Metal Core
Total stainless steel or hybrid (mild steel/ stainless steel) construction
Ester-based insulation fluid