Dry-Type Transformer

Dry-Type Transformer

Howard Power Solutions' medium-voltage dry-type transformers are designed to meet the demanding requirements of many industrial, commercial and utility applications. Typical applications include, data centers, hospitals, schools, hotels, mining, paper mills, steel mills, shopping centers, manufacturing plants, airport terminals, water treatment plants, and other applications requiring the size, weight, safety and environmental advantages of a dry-type transformers. We produce VPI (vacuum pressure impregnated ) Dry Type Transformers, we are UL certified up to 2.5 MVA , and our scope is up to 10 MVA AA/AF and up to 34.5 KV primary voltage.

Howard Industries manufactures a complete line of transformers, all designed with increased margins of safety and reliability. Contact your distributor or factory representative for availability of other kVA sizes, voltage ratings, features, accessories and design standards not listed.

Talk to us about filling a custom order that best fits your needs.


Power: 500-10000 kVA three-phase, self-cooled AA-rated, UL ratings up to 2500 KVA
High-voltage rating: 2.4 kV-34.5 kV
High-voltage BlL: Up to 150 kV (per IEEE standards)
Low-voltage rating: 601 V and above
Low-voltage BlL: up to 30 kV (per IEEE standards)
Temperature rise at rated load: 150°C (at 30°C average/40°C maximum ambient)
Frequency: 60 Hz. Standard Design Features and Accessories
220°C insulation system
Step-lap mitered core
Core ground strap (insulated core with single ground point)
Painted core
High-voltage taps (two 2-1/2% above and below nominal)
NEMA 1 enclosure
Lifting eyes
Provisions for rolling
Capability for adding cooling fans (units over 500 kVA)
Electrostatically-applied powder exterior finish with urethane top coat (ANSI 61 gray)
Ground pad
Diagrammatic nameplate (aluminum)
Custom designs for special applications
Loss optimization for lower total owning cost
Higher efficiency requirement
50 Hz. frequency
Non-standard ambient conditions
Non-standard BIL level
Non-standard altitude requirement
Non-standard sound requirement
Higher overload capacity
Low X/R ratios
K- factor rated (K-1, K-4, K-9)
Special seismic qualification
Reduced vibration and vibration isolation
Retrofit designs
80°C or 115°C temperature rise
Automatic fan cooling package (FA rated)
Digital temperature monitor
Copper bus and windings
Wye-wye connected windings
Special taps available
Provisions for parallel operation
Ground bus (copper)
Medium-voltage interrupter switch
Lightning arresters
R/C snubbers
Current transformers
Potential transformers (contact factory)
Power meter
Control power transformer
SCADA interface
Space heaters with thermostat
Flanged throats and air terminal chambers
Dust filters (for non-UL listed transformers)
Screens for insect and rodent proofing
IR windows
ANSI 49 or ANSI 70 external gray finish
Stainless-steel enclosure
Stainless-steel diagrammatic nameplate